Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Summer season has begun and all is right with the world.

I went to the beach yesterday.  It was a local beach at the lake--nothing fancy.   It was our first trip of the season.  The van isn't packed with all the essential beach gear.  We forgot towels, and the beach blanket.  We didn't have the wonder wheeler or the umbrellas.  We just packed a few drinks in a cooler, some bagels, a bag of popcorn and brought the chairs.  

I was watching my middle son in the water.  He was the only one out of the three who actually went in all the way.  He swam to the dock and hung out with the kids out there.  Jumped off repeatedly, having the time of his life.  This is his favorite time of the year--he was in element. We call him the waterboy--always in the water, or near the water--fishing, swimming, etc.  At the shore, he rides the waves and is fearless--I watch him like a hawk when we are there.  At the shore, I cannot lounge in a chair with no worries.  I usually find myself in the water being pummeled by the waves, watching him closely.

But at the lake, I can relax.   Yesterday, I was there, lounging in a chair under a tree, toes in the sand, reading a book .  I was in heaven.

Brian Stella and the Company Town Band


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