Friday, May 07, 2010

May 9th - Mother's Day and Memories of Dad

that's me with the curl

May 9th.

I always think of my Dad on May 9th.  Twelve years ago at the young age of 58,  he passed from this world after a terrible illness.  He was surrounded by his wife and three girls in the comfort of his own home. I will never forget it.   It was also the day before Mother's Day.  

This year, the anniversary of his death comes on Mother's Day.  This year, I am not spending it with my three children.  I am taking my mother to the Jersey Shore for the weekend.  We're going to stay at at a bed and breakfast that is owned by one of her best friends.  When I made the plans, I didn't not realize that Mother's Day fell on the 9th this year, but I'm glad that it does.  She does get a little melancholic when that date rolls around.  Some time away, even if it's for a weekend, will do her some good.

I will also be thinking about my aunt this year.  Her birthday was on May 9th, but she died two months ago.  I'll be thinking of my uncle, and my cousins who lost their mother.  It will be a hard day for them, and I hope that God comforts them.

So, I'm dedicating my playlist below to my Dad.  It's in his favorite color blue, that matches his eyes.  He was a country music fan (I could not relate to that).  He was a rabid NY Giants fan (I remember us celebrating their win in 1987 like it was yesterday).  He was extremely patriotic.  His favorite movies were The Quiet Man  and Young Frankenstein.  He was not a Mr.  Fix it (We have stories of him throwing a hammer once in a while).  He liked his beer and loved St. Patrick's Day.   He had a great sense of humor.  He loved his wife and his three girls.  He was a great father and I miss him.


Lucy said...

Aww that is a lot of hard stuff to have all around 1 day. Im sorry about your dad. I lost mine 10 years ago but I think for my mom its still like it was yesterday. I hope you two had a nice day.

annemariebusch said...

Thanks! We did have a great time. It was definitely a good idea.

Brian Stella and the Company Town Band


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