Friday, July 26, 2013


Halfway through the summer.  Kids still not fighting (much).  We've been spending time at the beach, but still have to trek down to the shore a few times.  We are kind of running out of time for that.  I haven't been hearing "what are we doing today?" that much.  I must be doing something right.

Okay, so I just updated my family info, and I had to add two years to each kid.  Is that proof enough that I am the Worst. Blogger. Ever?  Thank God that no-one reads this blog on a regular basis, because if you were looking to me for any kind of guidance, you would have had to wait until now to get it.

As for my other blog, that I promised to update every week?  Well, I have to admit that I am a coward about that one.  Still working on the first twenty.  St. Patrick's day sort of did me in.  I am still 10 lbs down, but I think that it was supposed to be 40 by now?  Or something like that.  I guess that it is good that I have not gained, after all.  Remember the bathing suit weigh in?  I haven't actually worn a Bathing suit since January.  I'm calling it self-preservation.  

I really do hate bathing suits, anyway.  Even when I go to the beach, I don't wear one, because I'm not going to go in the water.  I just want to sit on the beach and read a book.  Just finished a good one.  See my previous post.

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