Friday, October 02, 2009


Can't wait.  
Our softball team always has an annual End of Year Lobster party (aka Lobsterfest). We always BYOB and a dish (either a appetizer, side dish or dessert), and we all put in $20.00 for lobster, which one of us picks up.  I'm bringing dessert, but I'm not baking . I had volunteered to bring fruit salad, but I'm not in a fruit salad mood.  It's too chilly outside. Maybe I'll bring some cookies.  Dessert will be found in the baked goods section of the local A & P (I do suffer from non-baker's guilt, but I'll cover that subject at another time). 
I love my kids very much, but lets face it... This Mom needs a night away. A night away from the bickering between the three kids.  No "He's bothering me!".  A night away from "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom...".  I need to talk to people that I can relate to (and who make sense most of the time), and maybe I'll hear a little local gossip (not that I'd spread it).  I need to have a little fun, and that's what tonight is all about. I highly recommend it.
 I will probably regret it tomorrow, but as for tonight...I can't wait to go out! 

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